Upholstery Cleaning - Chem-Dry Express

Woven Fabric Upholstery

Over time, upholstered furniture gathers dust, stains and oily deposits from general use and from various mishaps. These can go unnoticed until somebody comments or you suddenly see them in a different light. Then you become aware of how soiled they are.

There's no need to worry. With our deep cleaning process and our patented carbonating cleanser, ChemDry can restore them to their former glory. We even have specialist stain removers to remove the more difficult stains.

Protectants for Fabric Upholstery

ChemDry have developed an upholstery protectant which is based on our unique carpet protector but is modified specifically to be most effective on fabric upholstered furniture. This protector, "Aqua Guard" is water and oil repellent, and odourless, is extremely durable, and provides excellent protection against wet and dry soiling.

Leather & Vinyl Cleaning & Conditioning

If your furniture is upholstered in leather or vinyl, they are in for a real treat. ChemDry can clean all of the soiling and grime from the coverings and then apply a conditioner which replenishes the natural oils that have been lost by time and use, and return them to that showroom condition you first saw them in.